Mission Statement 

-I don’t really know where to begin as far as a mission or bio or whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish by writing this. I do know I’m searching for something to hang on to in order to move forward with music. 

I’m afraid if I don’t have a deeper, more personal reason behind sharing my music, I won’t be able to handle it when someone shares with me that they don’t like my music. This hasn’t happened.

-I keep writing hoping I can come up with a mission. Something to drive me forward because I think that’s what I need, what I’m missing. I feel like I’ve botched sets spending too much time talking about how I wasn’t sure why I was even there. Any amount of time doing that is too much. 

I guess the stage isn’t the place for my existential conundrums. If I had a meaningful statement behind me, that wouldn’t be a problem boblem. This is what I keep telling myself.

-My first performance wasn’t much to write home about. One thing I do remember is getting people to laugh. That felt good. Sometimes I’m good at that, other times I am not. I don’t know why music needs to come into play to try to get people to laugh, but for some reason I think it does. 

-To be bold. To move forward with grace, and set a positive example to those who might need it. If they need it. If they’ll receive it.

Vulnerability + Expression = Healing = something id be embarrassed to represent myself with, no matter how much truth I find in it.


Yet here we are.

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